In order to produce a truly successful project it is necessary to carefully fine-tune all its elements, especially during the start-up phase. In this regard C&S follows a really unique approach in the industry: it delivers to its clients ad-hoc advanced consulting services, integrated between product development, sales and marketing, aimed at customizing its research activity as effectively as possible.


The Research and Development phase is the strong driver behind the work done by C&S for fashion. A dedicated team is in charge of analyzing trends at international level and designing cutting-edge solutions, in order to present to clients a creative viewpoint which is always new.
The careful study of vintage garments, the travels around the world, the observation of trendsetting stores and a continuous exchange with laundries and the rest of the supply chain are key elements which produce wealth of knowledge made available by C&S, in a virtuous mix of history and innovation, networking with suppliers, clients and partners.


Translating into reality the garment designed and planned on the workbench: this is the task of the modeling office at C&S, which turns stylists’ ideas into reality presenting them with the optimal solutions in terms of look and wearability.


The first essential production test, the creation of a prototype makes it possible to check the feasibility and the yield of the solutions agreed during the project phase, and the fit which can be achieved on the garment, before starting its complete manufacturing.


The advanced production circuit at C&S includes all process phases: cutting, making and finishing, without neglecting the part consisting of prints and embroideries, washing and dyeing treatments in partnership with the most famous laundries in Italy, up to the ironing phase. An overall view of the supply chain, which allows us to focus on the quality of each detail but always with the greatest flexibility and versatility, to meet every requirement.
Only in this way it is possible to provide a comprehensive service and total control of the individual steps, making sure that the final outcome perfectly matches initial expectations.


Once the tailoring process has been completed, the finished garments undergo the final very strict quality checks. After their perfect completion has been verified, the garments are then packaged and shipped according to the terms agreed.