To C&S caring for the environment is not just a “fad”, but rather a constant commitment to eco-fashion which has always been part of the company’s DNA. The centrality of its transparency concept is paramount for all C&S’s projects, thus resulting in virtuous and sustainable processes. This goes from careful checking of raw materials – organic and recycled cotton, regenerated cellulose fibers, hemp, carded wool to mention but a few – to the creation of style projects developed in the name of state-of-the-art sustainability processes. The QR code technology allows for monitoring garment production all along the value supply chain and, being aware of the impact each company has on society and the environment, C&S works for ethics and solidarity in fashion, where beautiful also means good. At the center there is always the person, respecting and enhancing first of all the workers who every day contribute to the company’s success, and ensuring compliance with the most stringent quality, health, ecological and environmental requirementsas well as meeting the SA8000 certification (Social Accountability) international standard, which ensures respect for human and workers’ rights, protection against child labor in a safe and healthy workplace.

The relevant documentation can be found here Certificate SA800, Company policies and procedures document, Complaint procedures, Certificates ISO 9001 and 14001,SA8000 Social Budget, GOTS 6,0 .


The ability to evolve is a result of the strength to go beyond traditional patterns, to write new and exciting rules for style. In a market where the fit-fabric combination almost always seems to be pre-packaged and standardized, C&S never ceases to test new matchings which are able to surprise and provide unique sources of inspiration; all of this is done through careful preliminary research aimed at completing all detailed calculations of sizes and ideal shrinkage, suitable for various comfort and fit levels, thanks to a team of modelists and analysts who study fabrics, fit and treatments.. Depending on the specific requirement, the C&S staff is able to offer a complete package, really on a turnkey basis, which ranges from style creation to the choice of raw materials and washings, or – on the other hand – a service targeted only to a few individual steps, always presenting collection proposals which never fail to consider different target prices, with an approach combining creativity and pragmatism.

an excellent supply chain made in Italy

The C&S vision of the supply chain is strictly related and committed to having Italian know-how thrive recognizing the irreplaceable value of a production entirely based in Italy, for an ethical choice which puts quality over and above convenience.The company’s approach is also to safeguard the intrinsic and pronounced creative and style sensitivity which is an acknowledged feature of Italian fashion worldwide.
Raw materials, production processes, partners and suppliers are carefully identified among major Italian players, always focusing on a short, efficient and highly performing supply chain.

shaping the industry culture

The company is also engaged in promoting transversal actions centered around enhancing the system-industry. According to C&S, a company’s success is actually determined not only by the production of a strictly economic value, but rather first and foremost by a cultural value shared with other key players in the industry, either current (trusted and consolidated players along the supply chain) or future (young students or up-and-coming talents).
For this reason, C&S is a proactive partner in events such as talent contests, dedicated to design and marketing students from the most prestigious universities worldwide and aimed at disseminating denim culture among new generations.