Creation, interpretation, evolution: these are the elements which shape C&S’s fashion style, a manufacturing dimension based on excellence, anticipating trends and – most importantly – creating value. As a leading apparel manufacturer in Europe, C&S stands out for its advanced know-how that has its roots in denim culture and in the limitless potential of this iconic fabric; its expertise has evolved to embrace the luxury sector, leading the company to become a special partner in the manufacturing of jackets, shirts, and so much more, as well as to develop important retail-oriented initiatives. With its Style Services Denim and Luxe divisions along with the C&S Experience projects, C&S is a competent and solid business which represents the perfect research and production solution for any specific style requirement. The company has become a pivotal point of reference also thanks to its unique approach oriented to sustainability and to the Made in Italy supply chain. Transparency is the guiding thread connecting all C&S’s departments. In 2012 an advanced integrated tracking system was implemented, which allows for detailed monitoring of all garment manufacturing phases, from choices regarding raw materials to accessories, up to the complete final production. Only carefully selected partners are invited to join this process, a value supply chain which C&S makes available to its customers through a comprehensive and tested package. Moreover, its flexible production capacity, cutting-edge technological equipment, plus an expert and qualified team, allow C&S to effectively and promptly meet any requirement.


Founded in 1981 in Trestina, in the province of Perugia (Italy), C&S started by focusing on the consumer market, then – in 1989 – shifted its attention to trade. In 2004, a state-of-the-art experimental laboratory was inaugurated to further enhance the company’s prototyping and sampling services, offering fashion stylists a specialized testing area, as well as a consultancy team to support them in drafting the best possible all-round strategies for product development, trade and marketing activities. More than a mere supplier to its clients, C&S is an outstanding partner for all those brands which choose to trust its experience. Its expertise stands for the perfect combination of the two production forces that have always characterized the area of origin, that between the Umbria and Marche regions: all the tradition of premium denim coupled with the culture of luxuryapparel,dedicated to beauty, quality, and attention to detail.


C&S reacts to and anticipates any changes on an increasingly demanding and competitive market by constantly upgrading its production circuit, enhancing the expertise and skills which have been acquired and continuously cultivated during its more than thirty years in the business. Always taking into account that, especially in the current fashion industry, having a beautiful and carefully made product in a short time is fundamental. For this reason, C&S takes care of quality checks upstream, at the heart and then downstream of the production process, reducing margin of error to a minimum in order to guarantee excellent Made in Italy products and, at the same time, very short order management schedules,with delivery times – if necessary – as short as 3-4 weeks. Thanks to our shared in-house management software, moreover, each client can follow the progress of orders and is kept informed in real time about the jobs being completed.